Valentine’s Day Origami Rose! – Lesson 2

Origami Rose that looks like a real rose!

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! So, in order to impress your boyfriend and girlfriend, or anyone special, I am going to teach you two kinds of roses.


Before teaching you how to make the 3D Origami… Please remember that even for a skilled origami maker, it could take up minimum of 20-30 minutes to learn in person. When I self-taught at first, it took about 50 minutes to understand & make a crooked one.

If you are a beginner, you can also make an easier version that I mentioned in my lesson 2.5. Or if you live close to Grove City, PA, try not to learn from this, instead – I’ll teach you in person! – because if you just try teaching yourself, it’ll take you about 40 minutes to understand this, and 30 minutes to make a rose, and about 3 times to finally make a decent one. Really, for your interest to keep liking origami instead of killing yourself and wasting time on this :P

On the side note, I can also take orders if you’d like me to make bulk or any specific colors. We can talk about in details – contact me via HERE.


What you need:

Two sheets of origami (same size and same or similar color)



Various things you can make with…

Hair clips

I hope you enjoyed making roses and I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Take pictures of your roses – and send me your ideas!

Origami Rose designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki, modified by the high school students at Fukuyama Tech High