Origami Heart Gift Box – Lesson 4

ANOTHER useful origami gift box you can use!

Origami Heart Box | Useful Origami


I had quite a few feedback from beginner / intermediate origami folders that they would like to learn how to make an aesthetically pleasing design that requires only a sheet of paper to make a lid and a box.


I did a little bit of research and found out about the British origami master Robin Glynn. He creates several box patterns and shares what I call “recipes of origami” on his website. I have pasted his link below – you can see some other cool stuff there along with this heart box.

I reproduced the photo gallery for you with some additional explanation in details for points I found that could get confusing for some people.



Origami Box (Heart)

Origami Heart Box

What you need:
  • 1 sheet of 8 x 11 copy paper or construction paper (pattern or no-pattern)
  • A pair of scissors
  • (optional) one or two paper clips

Click the photos and follow the instructions on the bottom. You can click the bottom arrow to go to the next instruction.

Bottom part




Origami Heart Box | Useful Origami

Origami Heart Box with Chocolate

Origami Heart Box | Useful Origami

Origami Heart Boxes in different colors


Link to the original author of this heart box: Origami by Robin Glynn