Upcoming Next: Origami Frog Kyle Travels Across the US

Say hello to everyone, Kyle!

origami frog


It’s been a while – so much story to tell you!

First of all, I’m not a college student anymore. As I will start my full time job in NYC very soon, I will have some more time to write more for this blog. Be on the lookout for the upcoming instructions for even more creative and useful origami!

Secondly, I finally got to see my parents the first time in a year and half! It was good.

At last but not least, I’ll be traveling across the states starting from PA to west coast. My little origami frog will be taking you from the place to place. His name is Kyle, because a Japanese word for a frog is “ka-e-ru,” with which we pronounce the “R” sound in Japanese closer to the “L” sound in English – therefore ka-e-lu, or Kyle. I hope this makes sense to most of you. Once I get settled, I’ll also post the instructions on how to make frogs.

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