Origami Earrings – Lesson 9

Spice up your fashion with your hand-made origami earrings!

If you are semi- to advanced origami folders, you might have experienced the same nightmare as I have in the past… in other words, you make all kinds of origami, but you have no idea what to do with them.

Then, I suggest – what about turning them into your original earrings? I am assuming most of the American ladies have had their ears pierced, and this is just such a low-cost and easy way to use both your skills and your origami.

Origami Crane Earrings | Useful Origami

You usually pay $15 or above for a set of origami earrings at jewelry stores. All I paid for this project was a total of $14 – to pay for the $10  plier set and $4 earring making kit. If you want to go for any higher quality metals, you might have to pay a premium, but the whole experience of making different designs and your original crane earrings is right in front of you.


Origami Rose Earrings | Useful Origami

What you need:
  • Needle
  • Pliers
  • Head pins / eye pins, and fish hooks
Things that might help if you have:
  • Waterproof ModPodge
  • Mini painting brush for precision
  • Beads in different colors (you can get these really cheaply at bead stores!)




ModPodge works pretty well with origami paper. It makes everything incredibly sturdier and if you buy the waterproof one (for outside work), it doesn’t get torn easily even if you accidentally splash water on it.

Here are some examples of what I made into earrings… click to view the larger images

*This idea was borrowed from my dear roommate, Sarah.*