Origami Box (with a lid) – Lesson 3

Useful origami gift boxes that you’ll love are here!

Since this blog is about something useful, I would like to introduce you to the world of box folding.

What I will be teaching you this time is two kinds of  3D origami gift boxes! One is a square box, and another is octagon box.

Square one only needs two pieces of paper and does not require much experience, but the other needs total of 16 pieces of paper and much more experience. Basic box is easy, but it’s less sturdy and creative. The Octagon box is difficult in a way, but it’s more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

You can choose whichever that fits your experience and confidence, or try both!


Square Box

Square Box

Simple & Clean

What you need:
  • Two sheets of paper (one for bottom, and the other for the lid)
  • If they are stiff paper, the box will be more sturdy and therefore will be suitable for making a gift box.

Follow the instruction on the slide show. You can stop at anywhere or skip to the next.

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You can of course use a square box as a gift box, but the below is one of the examples of how I used it. Desk Organizer is useful – keeps my desk drawer clean – and make it look a bit more fun. You just make bunch of boxes and tape on the bottom so they don’t slide. You can make with any colors you want, make them bigger, or arrange into different patterns. What about one for your office desk?


Drawer Organizer | Useful Origami

Drawer Organizer

Octagon Shaped Box

Octagon Shaped Boxes

Gorgeous & Creative

What you need:

  • 16 pieces of paper (8 for bottom, 8 for lid)
  • Paper could be any strength / thickness
  • Patterned papers will show up more nicely
  • 8-10 paper clip (you don’t need them if you are good!)


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This is the kind of origami box you want to give to people! You can put whatever you want… jewelries, snacks, origami roses, flowers, etc.  This box made full of your passion and sincerity will surely make the person smile!

Gift Box

Gift Box Example

Thanks again! And don’t forget to send me photos when you make any on your own. You can submit at HERE.