Origami Bowl w/ Scratch Paper – Lesson 5

Origami video instructions is now available!

I decided to make a how-to video on origami box / bowl that I always use.

Origami bowl | Useful Origami

I make this box / bowl when I am working on something that gives me lots of scrap, such as beads-making, hemp-weaving, and sawing, etc. so that I can keep my desk organized. This is just such an easy way to keep things from rolling, falling off the desk, and cluttering the room. Any paper works for this. News paper, scratch paper, recycled paper, etc.

This also has a great feature. Because this is a paper made of something you don’t want anymore, you can use it as a trash box and just throw the entire thing away when you are done. Some people use thicker & waterproof paper to make boxes for the dinner table and then they use them as bone dish for chicken wings and shell dish for crab, shrimps, and craw fish.

Since it’s very simple & easy and fast to make, I made a video instead of a photo gallery for the instructions.