Mini Origami for Big Hands – Lesson 11

Your hands might seem too big for making mini origami…

What would you do if you want to fold origami but your hands are big?

…but I have a solution for you!

Since I just wrote a post about earrings, I heard people asking me to give them tips on how to make smaller-size origami.

The point of this post is to help you easily make a mini origami that looks good, even if you don’t have small hands like me. Also please note that I am not talking about micro origami, which is a whole another avenue to create teeny-tiny origami that you can’t even see without a magnifying glass. What I am talking about in this post is mini origami, which is for the earrings!


You can use thin and soft paper for accurate folds, and you can make it sturdier later by using coatings.

Compare the sizes

  • When you are cutting paper into smaller sizes, try not to fold outlines. Instead, use a pencil to draw them and then cut it.
  • The smallest size of paper I use for earrings is 1/16 of the regular paper  (top left).
  • 1/9 size is very suitable for longer & dangling origami crane earrings (middle).


Your finger nails are the best available tool, but even if yours are not long, don’t worry!Becomes a strong tool for mini origami!

  • Pen without ink – a tip of a pen has the best to-the-point control 
  • Tooth pick – make sure the tip is rounded a bit so that it doesn’t poke a hole
  • Paper clip – unwind a bit to have the medium and the thin side

You can use these small tools to make marks, fold along, or crease. They become very handy when you are making tiny origami.


  • Lights make such a big difference! Proper lights make it easier for you to see the precise details.


Kitten tried to make origami and failed

  • Do not overuse force or nails to crease the lines, because it makes paper more brittle and sometimes it scratches the surface and shows white lines.
  • Sometimes it is good to make folds not so accurate. Always think of what it should look like at the end. It doesn’t matter if the inside folds and ends are not so accurate.
  • Do not fold origami around cats, or they will destroy them!