Easy Origami Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make an easy origami candy cane


Holiday is around the corner
, and buying gifts could get expensive. Whether you are looking for a way to save money on Christmas Ornaments or family project that you can enjoy with your kids together to make memory, origami could be on your next to-do list.

Origami candy cane is simple, fun, and quick crafting that anyone with different dexterity level can handle. In just 10 steps, you will have a candy cane of your favorite color!

*It is not necessary to own a pack of real origami paper – pick up a dollar store gift wrapper and cut them in squares. As long as they are two separate colors, most of the light-weighted paper like wrapper and copier paper would be perfect for this activity.*





What you will need:

  • 1 square sheet of paper with two different colors
  • 2 small pieces of double sided tape


Click each image for a larger photo and instructions on bottom. Instructional animated video is also available!

  1. Start with either side up (It does not matter which side is up – I have my color side up this time)
  2. Take the bottom corner to the top corner, leaving 1/4 inch left from the edge, crease. (This is a 6 inch square paper in the photos)
  3. Flip over.
  4. Take the bottom line and fold up about 1/4 inches. Keep folding tightly, maintaining about the same width. Continue 3-4 times, and you will see this coming out on the both sides
  5. Around the half way, start rolling not so tightly – tight enough that you can still hold together, but crease line should not be as prominent. The photo shows the optimal amount of pressure.
  6. When you get to the top part, take a small piece of double sided tape and put it on the top white side, keep folding up till the tape touches the paper.
  7. You will have another piece of paper you will have to tape. Take a piece of double sided tape and put it on red side, fold.
  8. Take your thumb and pointing finger and squeeze the sides, making the model more round like a real candy cane.
  9. Pick a point above the half line and start bending carefully. Bend more points to make a curve. (It tends to want to twist itself, so try to avoid that while bending and shaping.)
  10. Congratulations, you have finished!