Before You Start Folding… – Lesson 0

I would like to give you some heads up before I proceed to the basic instructions. Please remember these things before starting origami:

1. Be patient

I know it gets a little bit complicated at first, but once you get it, it’s a great feeling with accomplishment!





2. Take your time

Make sure you don’t make anything in a hurry unless you know what you are doing with the paper. As traditional Shinto says, anything could become “Kami or 神” (interesting article of Kami on wikipedia here) if you put your soul and effort in it. Plus, your origami product becomes more than a craft if you put your emotion, time, and passion to it!


3. Don’t be discouraged with the first crooked product

You always have the first time. I know we all see the awesome picture of a finished product with the instructions – but don’t be fooled, even those pros made crooked cranes at first! Be prepared to make the same product 3-5 times before you can make the decent one!




I would like to see how you made! Did you use news paper, flyer, or scratch paper from your notebook? I also would love to see different colors / textures on origami paper you used!! If I see any interesting submission, I’ll post it on my blog – Contact me