12 Ridiculously Beautiful (and Useful) Origami Infused Furniture

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10. The Plié Collection by Atelier




“Fold your furniture, get fashion in wood” – YES PLEASE! This hand-crafted individually and freshly tailored piece is very innovative, but at the same time, has some nostalgic tint to the design. You can order from the Hungarian brand Atelier. (Source)

11. The F2 Folding Table by Nils Frederking

b0 Klapptisch_F2

Folding table comes in different shapes. Nils Frederking from Germany designed this one to be not just sophisticated and elegant, but also an efficient space saver. This award winning table can be found in retail via a distributor Ligne Roset.

12. Elephant Seating Sofa by Ryuki Miyagi

Front 2009_August_Furniture3_jpg__600×4500__1

2009_August_Furniture3_jpg__600×4500_Though this one may not be such a space saver, it gives you extreme comfort and unique look to your living room. Since this felt-dense sofa is made merely using a support plywood and industrial strength felt material, it is extremely soft to touch and at the same time, gives you solid support for your back and body structure. (Source