12 Ridiculously Beautiful (and Useful) Origami Infused Furniture

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7. T.Shelf – Origami Infused Geometrical shelf by J1 Studio

36_36_img0025smT_shelf___J1_studioT.Shelf is a modular shelf system that can be built into different shapes and functions. (Source)

8. Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshida

origami sofa yumi yoshida




These will be so useful for picnic to an emergency situation. You can fold it like a blanket, or you can decide to make it into a sofa for people to be able to sit. It seems to be able to sit at least two people very comfortably. (Source)

9. Flux Chair

flux chairfluxHow amazing is this, portable, sleek, and pretty looking chairs? As an origami nerd, I would probably have to stock 10 of them all the time! (Source)

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