12 Ridiculously Beautiful (and Useful) Origami Infused Furniture

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4. Hanging Origami at Saturday InDesign Project by Elixir

Saturday_InDesign__The_Project___ElixrInspired by Cappellini’s colorful and playful approach to design, Elixir has teamed up with origami concept and installed 700pieces of origami butterflies. Origami butterfly is a simple model, but 700? Come on, this is just stunning. (Source)


5. Origami Crane Chandelier


Rhode Island couple wed with a beautiful origami themed decoration. 1000 cranes were folded and used throughout the site of wedding receptions. (Source)

6. Origami Solarcell Lamp by Joonsoo Kim

origami-solarcell-lamp_ISBoI_58 origami-solarcell-lamp-1_c5M2y_58

The designer wanted to create solar lamp that saves light and by merging his engineering idea with origami design, Kim produced this beautiful work of art after two months of work. (Source)

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