12 Ridiculously Beautiful (and Useful) Origami Infused Furniture

When you look around, there are furnitures and tools that are infused with origami concepts and physics everywhere. I have collected 12 most amazingly put together products and designs out there to showcase some beautiful origami appliation out there. 


1. LOTUS Origami Side Table by Tian Zhen

Lotus_sidetabe Lotus_sidetabe_1

The bottom part can be transformed into 6 ways in a few seconds. Simply beautiful (Source).


2. Recycled Tetra Pak Lamp Shade by Edward Chew

Origami lamp shade Edward Chew TetraBox

edward chew tetra_pak_lamps_3

These gorgeous lamp shades are made of recycled Tetra Pak cartons that is cut into strips and assembled using origami technique using no glue. (Source


3. Origami’s Hunter (Origami Animal Heads) by Veronica Posada – Si Studio

Origamis hunter antelor si studioSi_StudioDiseño_-_Productos

You may be reminded of hunter’s trophy antlers – this artwork is folded from paper and turned into lamp cultures in forms of a rhinoceros, a deer, and a ram. (Source)


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